Culver's Review

I am from Wisconsin.  That means I like cheese and fried stuff.  One of our family favorites is a Wisconsin based restaurant called Culver's.  After moving to Utah my family went through Culver's with drawls.  Then we discovered that there is a Culver's right here in our own back yard.

It is located right off of I15 on 72nd.  If you have never tried it-- you must.

They are famous for their butter burgers.  But they also have epic cheese curds, homemade root beer, custard (which is like ice cream's rich uncle), and lots of other super good eats!

Things you need to know...

1.  It is located off of 72nd but they are currently building one in Lehi right off of the Lehi Main exit.

2.  Once you try it, you will be addicted.

3.  You have to try the custard.  It's the rules.

4.  Just go-- you'll thank me later.  You can check them out HERE.


Kathy - mom of many said...

Oh my!! I live in Florida and I'm soooo far from the nearest Culvers. The closest one is Murphreesboro, Tennessee. Last month, my husband took a trip to Indy and brought me back a bag of butter burgers on the plane. Two weeks ago, we were in Nashville for five days and visited the Culvers in Murphreesboro three times. It is seriously our favorite place. I'm looking forward to a trip to Indy in February and you can bet I'll be eating a Mushroom Swiss Burger then.

Margene said...

I loved the Culvers in Elhorn is the one in Salt Lake as good.

Christina said...

Oh I LOVE Culvers as well, but haven't been able to convince Ben of how great it is. I'm so glad we have a few around us here in Missouri.