Temple Square Christmas Lights

The lights at Temple Square are a must see.

It's a great place to take your kids.  It's enchanting and magical. 
 It looks like the trees are on fire.  It's so beautiful.

Things You Need To Know...

1.  The lights go on at dark (around 5-5:30 p.m.)

2.  They have several visitors centers that are open all evening.  (and heated if you get too cold)

3.  There is a tour bus lane on the west side of the square across from the art museum that is only zoned until 6 pm.  So after that anyone can park there and most people don't catch on until after 6:30.  That's my secret parking spot.

4.  There is a lady on the South West corner that sells hot chocolate for $3.  She is disabled and trying to make a living.  You have to stop and buy a cup cause it's a good thing to do.

5.  They also put on a short manger program outside of the tabernacle that goes every half hour or so.

6.  This is the perfect place for kids and great holiday pictures.  It's a must for the holiday season.


dvanshaar said...

Love seeing the lights every year. Since I have 3 boys, it is a must to ride on the train. So we park away from temple sqaure and ride in to see the lights. My husband and I love that we don't have to deal a lot with the traffic around temple square when we do this.

Ashley said...

Trax is free if you get on/off in the downtown area. So you can park and eat at Gateway, then ride Trax for free to Temple Square.