Jack and Jill's Review

 We took the kids for a night of fun at Jack and Jill's.  We bowled, we played lazer tag, we did the arcade, and ate pizza.  It was the coolest!
We had so much fun together.  They have the best deals so you won't break the bank having fun.  Everyday they run an after school special until 5.  It's $8.50 for one game of lazer tag, bowling with shoes, and a $5 arcade card.  The best part is, you can spend the arcade card anywhere in the entire store.  If you want games, pizza, soda-- whatever, it works.

So our family had a night of fun for about $50.

Things you need to know...

1.  They are located right off of I15 on Lehi Main next to Macey's in Lehi.

2.  They have a great family night special on Mondays. 

3.  Their lazer tag is kid friendly.  You can choose to have your group alone or combine with a different group for maximum fun.  It takes about 12 minutes and it's all in black lights.  They give you a printed out score card at the end to compare against other players.

4.  It's a super clean arcade with kid friendly games.  They have tickets and prizes so your kids can go home with a little reward.  They also have a ticket counting machine so you don't have to hassle with all the hubbub at the end.

5.  The pizza is actually good.  I would order it for take out.  They even had fries and fried cheese. 

6.  The bowling is super high tech.  The kids could bumper bowl and the bumpers would come up electronically when it was their turn.  There is a table at every lane so you can eat and bowl.  They have kid crutches to help them bowl better.  It was perfect.  They also had lots of ball choices that were kid friendly.

7.  I would and will go back again and again!  We loved it!  You can check out their web page HERE for more information.

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Lyndsay said...

Wow, thanks for the tip. We'll definitely be doing this one.