Los Hermanos Review

This has been and will always be one of my favorite Mexican restaurants!  I love Los Hermanos!
Their chips and salsa are the best in the whole world.  It's that simple. 

 I always want my own bowl and a straw when they start passing out the salsa.  Oh baby!  The food is legendary.  My favorite is the smothered burrito.  It comes with rice and beans that will knock your socks off.  You won't be disappointed.
Their desserts are amazing.  My favorite is the fried ice cream.  My kids like this cinnamon creation.

Things you need to know...

1.  There are two locations.  One in Provo and one in Lindon.

2.  You can have as many chips and salsa as you can eat.  You can buy some on the way out to take home for those midnight cravings.

3.  Their specialty drinks are divine.  The cold fusion is my favorite.

4.  The prices are really good.  It's about 8-12 dollars a plate.

5.  The service is always amazing.  From small groups to family gatherings, they will take care of you.

6.  You can check them out HERE.


Lori said...

We didn't like Los Hermanos. We gave them a couple of tries in 2008, but it was bland and flat. They do have fine salsa, but it wasn't a place that I'd recommend to anyone.

Katie said...

I have to agree with Lori. If you want really good salsa and a great menu try LaCosta in American Fork. Fast and friendly service too.

Maganda Studios said...

Sorry to the previous 2 commenters. My husband and I LOVE Los Hermanos. After 11 years, we've never had a bad experience and the food has always been FABULOUS. We often buy their chips and salsa to go and our kids love it. I highly recommend Los Hermanos to everyone (even though it's over a 30 minute drive for us to go there).