David's Kitchen Review

A friend of mine told me about the most amazing Chinese place.  She told me that there was no better Chinese food in all of Utah.  I told her, I would be the judge of that.

Guess what?

She was right...
This is David's Kitchen on 33rd.
It's a quirky little place with pot stickers that will knock your socks off.
 mmmmm.... pot stickers!
The walnut shrimp is the stuff of legends!

Things you need to know...

1.  David's Kitchen is located at 45 W 3300 S in Salt Lake City.  It's just a few blocks off of the 33rd exit on I15.

2.  It's about $10-12 a dish and the portions are generous.

3.  It is a kid friendly environment that works for the whole family.

4.  They have a mad lunch rush, so don't futz around-- get to lunch before 1.

5.  It truly is the best Chinese food you'll find in Utah.  Yum!


LINDSEY said...

Where have you been all my life???? I cannot wait to try this place, thanks for the heads up!

Nana Jones said...

You went to David's Kitchen, yet you didn't stop in right next door at "Little Dave's Deli"/ "Beehive Donut Co."? Fun atmosphere,(just count all the soda bottles), and great food, and the donuts (for the donuts, get there early)are to die for. Located at 41 W 3300 S · Salt Lake City. See right next door.

Carolyn Black said...

Have you tried The Mandarin in Bountiful - THAT is the BEST Chinese food in Utah - bar none! Actually they have been rated the best Chinese food between the Mississippi River and Chinatown in SF. You HAVE to go there.

Lyndsay said...

David's kitchen is good. I will admit. But I'm going to name the Asian Star in Midvale as the best Chinese food I have probably ever eaten. You need to check it out.