Christopher's Steak House Review

 We had dinner at Christopher's the other night.  The food was outstanding!

 This is my Portabella bleu cheese fillet mignon with a loaded baked potato.  The steak was cooked to perfection.
 My sister got the medallions with garlic mashed potatoes and shrimp.

Things you need to know...

1.  Christopher's is in Draper in the Fresh Market strip mall off of 13th East.  The exact address is 1122 East Draper Parkway in Draper.  They also have another location in Salt Lake.

2.  The choices were amazing.  The pricing was $20-40 per plate but soup or salad, potato and bread was included.  The desserts were also very good. (but separate)

3.  It was defiantly an adult atmosphere but, there were older kids there with family.

4.  If you'd like more information you can find them HERE.

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LINDSEY said...

Awesome I've got to try it out!!!!