Burger Supreme Review

If you've never had a burger at Burger Supreme-- you are missing the key to happiness.

 My husband and I used to eat here back in our college days.  I was a little hesitant to go back just in case it wasn't as good as I remembered.  Boy was I wrong-- it was BETTER!  They have a menu that would impress any burger snob.  This one is the Golden (my favorite).  Oh the grilled bun, the pastrami, the hot hot goodness!  Yum!!
They also happen to be home to my favorite fries.  They have the perfect fry sauce.  I really would buy it by the gallon.  They have killer shakes (that helped my sister through her second pregnancy) and grilled cheese you'll want to steal from your toddler's little chubby hands.

Things You Need To Know...

1.  The burgers are about $3-5 depending on what you get.  I suggest the Golden of course.

2.  It's located in Provo at 1796 North University Parkway.

3.  They cater (my husband will be upset to know they could have done our wedding).

4.  Just go-- you'll thank me later.  You can check them out HERE.


Margene said...

Have you tried the In and Out Burger yet. I like burger places they seem to be better than a chain.

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

I love Burger Supreme! My fave!

(forget In 'N Out, puhlease.)

Laura said...

Ok, I have the BEST place for you to try out!

It's also in Provo and is called


It's also a catering service... something like Marvellous Catering. It is a well kept secret place, so I hope I'm not blowing it! It's more like homestyle Sunday dinner food and is SOOOO YUMMY! They're only open for lunch and you have to get there early if you want a seat!

Hannah {Bonne Nouvelle} said...

We LOVE Burger's Supreme and will miss it when we leave P-town.
You should add to the list....if you go through the drive through to expect a longish wait. And a very long wait on weekends. They even have a warning on the ordering sign. It should not deter you though. And I signed up for the frequent users program and I was surprised with a bday meal! No other purchase necessary! Wahoo!
I personally love their pastrami burger. My husband always gets bacon cheeseburger.

Kibryalt Joyhana said...

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