Smash Burger Review

The mister and I got some lunch at Smash Burger yesterday.  This is one burger you gotta try.

We went to the one in Draper off 123rd. but there are a few around the area.
I got the Beehive burger with BBQ, cheese, bacon and onion strings.  The bun is what makes this burger extra special.  It's so fluffy it adds to the presentation of the burger without taking away from the mouth watering flavorful meat.  They have "smash" fries that have rosemary and garlic.  I was a little leery about ordering flavored fries but trust them, they totally know what they are doing.  Those fries are amazing. 
The mister tried out the chicken.  You can get it grilled or breaded.  It is the most flavorful juicy chicken that I have ever had.  I always worry about getting chicken because I think I'm going to get a dried out piece of jerky.  This is anything but that!  It's so gooooooood!  We both ordered the fries but I have gotten to have their onion strings (the sauce is divine) and I've tried their fried pickles.  That is a party for your mouth.  The pickles come with ranch and it's really fun.

Things You Need To Know...

1.  The sandwiches run from $4-6.  Sides are separate and run $1-3. 

2.  They have shakes that are very generous portions and run about $4.

3.  They have several locations which you can check out HERE

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Lori said...

I'm breathing into a paper bag!!! I'm dying to try this place!! Thanks for the review- I'm telling everyone I know.