La Costa Review

 A few of my readers have suggested that La Costa was an amazing Mexican restaurant.  I wanted to see for myself.

We went to the La Costa in American Fork.  They also have another location in Sandy.
 We were greeted with chips, salsa, and beans.  The beans were really really good with a little kick to them.  The salsa was a little chunky with lots of spice and onions.  You need your water in hand if you're going to take too much of the salsa down. 
 We ordered Carne Asada...
 shrimp enchiladas...
and a burrito as big as your head.

It was great food and huge portions.  I can see why people would sway towards La Costa instead of Los Hermanos.  La Costa has a lot of kick and flavor.  It has a much bolder Mexican taste than Los Hermanos.  Although I still have to say that Los Hermanos takes the cake with their salsa.  It turns out they are both good in different ways.  Thanks for the tip guys!

Things You Need To Know...

1.  The food ranges from $8-17 per plate.

2.  They have really big portions.

3.  They have a large menu with lots of Mexican specialties.

4.  It is located in American Fork and Sandy.  For more information, a copy of the menu and directions just click HERE.

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Luana said...

I love Los Hermanos and never considered going to this restaurant but after your review I am excited to give it a try!