Cinema 6 Review

  A friend of mine asked me to check out the Cinema 6 in Pleasant Grove so we headed out to the movies today.

We went to see Hugo.  We love to go to the movies but sometimes it gets expensive.  The Cinema 6 is a dollar theater of sorts.  It was pretty old school, no reclining chairs, no stadium seating, and no cup holders.  It was an older theater, but you can't beat the price.  It was the perfect place to take the kids and let them order whatever they want.

Things You Need To Know...

1.  The movie costs $3 per person.

2.  They sell candy for $1-2 depending on the size.

3.  Drinks were $1-3 also depending on the size.

4.  Popcorn was also $1-3 along with dollar hot dogs and burritos.

5.  It was a really cheap way to see a movie with all the fixin's.  You can check them out HERE.

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