Rusted Sun Review

We had dinner at the Rusted Sun in Salt Lake.  They make a calzone that will knock your socks off!

 It's a small cozy little restaurant with only a few tables and a bar.  It's usually packed and it's hard to get a seat, especially around lunch time.
They have calzones, pizzas, and salads.  I honestly have never made it past the calzones because they are so good.  They have lots of creative combos or you can make your own if you'd prefer.

Things You Need To Know...

1.  The calzones run from $7-9 and they are big portions.

2.  Since it's small, the service is awesome.

3.  They run lunch specials daily and you can order stuff to go.

4.  They are located at 2010 State Street in Salt Lake.  (The 2100 exit off of I15 is your best bet)

5.  If you want to see their menu and learn more you can check them out HERE.

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Anonymous said...

We live out of state now, but when we lived in Utah and went to Salt Lake, Rusted Sun was one of my favorite places ever. I agree with you. I always go for the calzone. The bbq chicken calzone is to die for.