Jamba Juice Review

 We headed out to our family favorite the other night, Jamba Juice.  They are, hands down, the best smoothie place I have ever been to. 

Each of their smoothies has a light refreshing taste.  I have yet to pick one that isn't great.  Our family favorite is the Orange Dream Machine.  It's like an orange dreamsical in a cup.
 We thought we'd try something from the snack section too.  So my son got a waffle.  It sounds like a weird thing to order but man, it was awesome.  They take a little waffle "cookie" and grill it up so it's warm and fresh.  He loved it and so did I.  I would order it again and probably will if I have this little guy with me.

Things You Need to Know...

1.  Smoothies run from $3-5 depending on the size you get.

2.  Each smoothie comes with a free "boost" like daily vitamin or immunity (vitamin C).  It makes you feel really healthy when you buy one.  :)

3.  They are dotted all over the area.  There is one off of 500 S. in Bountiful, 123rd in Draper, University Parkway in Provo.... there are even a few around the country.  For more locations and a menu just click HERE.


Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

We used to live in Logan, and Jamba Juice was a place we went to often. Another tip, is we would get the larger size and ask for them to split it into two cups. They were happy to do this for us (some places are weird about sharing), and we saved a bit of money and still had plenty to drink for both of us!

CoLiE-O said...

Love your blog. Thanks for sharing all your finds!

Leslie said...

I'm with Lynette above - one of the things I adore is I can order a smoothie for me, and they pour some of it into a kid friendly size cup (and cut a straw) for my little person. Awesome service!