Country Bakery of Lehi Review

It makes me giddy to introduce you to my favorite bakery, The Country Bakery of Lehi.

 The Lehi Bakery has lots of bread, rolls and fun stuff to choose from.
They make the best donuts EVER!  I am a huge donut fan and I was excited to know that they make some really really good stuff.  My kids love to come here on Saturday mornings.
They also happen to make the best best best cake ever!  I ordered one for my nieces birthday and it was divine.  We were fighting over the last pieces.  The prices are awesome too!  It's about $21 for a quarter sheet and $30 for a half sheet.  You can't beat that!

Things You Need To Know...

1.  It is located at 172 W. Main Street in Lehi just down from the Lehi Main exit on I-15.

2.  If you want your choice of donuts on a Saturday morning, get there early.  They sell out by about 9-10 a.m.

3.  When you walk in the smell of fresh goodness hits you in the face and you are compelled to start buying one of everything you see.  Consider yourself warned.

4.  For more information check them out HERE.


Margene said...

This place was really good

Alicia Phillips said...

I have to fight the urge not to go here everyday! Seriously soo yummy.