Pizza Pie Cafe Review

 My family loves to eat at Pizza Pie Cafe.  They have something for everyone. 

 They have over a dozen kinds of pizzas to choose from including cheesy bread sticks and dessert pizzas.
They have a huge pasta bar with lots of different sauces to choose from.  They also have a really good salad bar so everyone is happy.
My kids just love the dessert pizza.  I think it's why they always want to go back.

Things You Need To Know...

1.  It's a buffet but you can also order pizza to go.

2.  The buffet runs $4-8 depending on your age.  Soda is separate and runs $1-3 per person.

3.  You can usually just walk in and be seated.  We have only had to wait once or twice for just a few minutes.  (that's for the Alpine location)

4.  For all other information you can click HERE.

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The Osborne's said...

They have one right where I take my son to Tae Kwon Do and I've been wondering about it. Glad to know it's a buffet and we won't have to wait in line! Excited to check it out. Thanks!