Salt City Burger Review

 We tried Salt City Burger in Sandy for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised.

 We ordered the zucchini and mushroom basket of fried goodness.  It's freshly cut and hand battered.  It was a huge serving for about $3!
 We also ordered the onion rings and cheese fries.  Also, super good.
 I got the Western burger with bacon, fried onion, and BBQ sauce.  It was a fluffy bun and the tastes blended without overpowering each other.
My sister ordered a custom burger with cheese and caramelized onions.

Things You Need To Know...

1.  The burgers cost from $5-8.  The sides are separate.

2.  They have an open condiment bar that you can use to your hearts content.

3.  The portions are very generous.

4.  It is a waitress/sit down casual atmosphere.

5.  They have several locations (Sandy and Bountiful) and you can get more information HERE.


Amazed said...

Love Salt Lake Burger. Went there this week....and my friend and I laughed about the place being packed by men. It's a burger place....and their meat is amazing! Salad with grilled chicken is great. Milkshakes heaped up and running over.

Wendy Abbott said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can find out more on my page:


Congrats and keep up the great job with your blog!

Wendy Abbott said...

You are so welcome! I was in the same ward with your sister Cheri in Sandy, UT so I know you must be awesome just like her :) I hope you are doing alright, bed rest doesn't sound too fun. Seriously though, keep the great ideas coming, I am all about finding new places in Utah. I love the idea of your blog!

~ Wendy (Boswell) Abbott

Brittany Evans said...

My husband and I LOVED Salt City Burger Co! We've been on a burger kick lately, trying a new place every few weeks to see if we can pinpoint the BEST burger out there...Salt City is high on my list so far! Delicious and such a fun atmosphere. :)