Hagermann's Review

 I had a hankering for a sweet treat, so we stopped by Hagermann's for their famous sugar cookies.

 When I walked in, I knew I was in the right spot... yum!
 These are the most wonderful cookies.  They have a slight hint of almond flavoring that makes them unforgettable.
There was a wonderful gentleman there working that pointed out all the best things to get.  I took it home and we had to wrestle over it.  The cinnamon rolls had cream cheese frosting, the raspberry turn over was light and airy (super good), my son loved the scone and the blondie was a nice change from a regular chocolate brownie.

Things You Need To Know...

1.  Hagermann's is located at the corner of 114S. and 700 E. in Draper.  It's in the Harmon's strip mall next to the gas station.  They also have another location downtown Salt Lake on the corner of South Temple and Main.

2.  I hear that their soups and sandwiches are divine, but I didn't get a chance to sample them yet.

3.  For more information you can find them HERE.


Margene said...

This sounds like some place I want to try. I will buy a dozen and just take a bit out of each to decide which I want to eat first.

stacie said...

Hagermann's is a great place! Their blondies are my favorite. You definitely need to make a trip back to try their sandwiches. I recommend the turkey pomodoro or the mooch's roast dip.